50 Miller Street
Redefining major refurbishments in North Sydney

Positioned at the epicentre of North Sydney our clients Sumner Capital were exposed to a major vacancy on over 80% of their asset.

This vacancy was viewed as an opportunity to undertake a dramatic refurbishment of the asset, setting 50 Miller Street up for the needs of today and tomorrow’s corporates, rather than just releasing the past. The dramatic new lobby was opened in early 2018 redefining the streetscape to this part of North Sydney.  Advanced interest was secured and we are proud to state we have terms agreed on all remaining vacancies.

Cadigal has secured a major re-commitment to the US Government for approximately 6,000sqm underpinning a new valuation and benchmark for North Sydney.

  • Client Sumner Capital
  • Cadigal Agents Craig Dolman
  • Total Area Leased 6,000sqm, terms agreed 4,000sqm
  • Agency Type and Period Exclusive Agency 2016-2018
  • Tenants US Consulate